Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser Hair Removal Prices /Packages

All packages include 6 laser hair removal treatments. 
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Full Legs $2200
Lower Legs $1500
Thighs $1500
Female Bikini Line $600
Female Moderate Brazilian $800
Female Extreme Brazilian $1200
Male Brazilian $1500
Male Bikini Line $800
Glutes $1500
Upper Back $1100
Lower Back $900
Full Back $2000
Stomach $1000
Navel Line $450
Upper Lip $400
Chin $400
Upper Lip & Chin Package $600
Uni-Brow $300
Cheeks/Jawline $500
Sideburns $420
Front Of Neck $500
Back Of Neck $500
Underarms $500
Full Arms $1350
Fore Arms $900
Shoulders $800
Chest $1400
Female Nipples/Areola $550
 Purchase any laser hair removal package at full price and receive our laser hair removal price guarantee of 4 complimentary treatments within the following 12 months after the initial 6 treatments are completed. 
This guarantee is valid for 2 years from date of purchase. 

Most popular laser hair removal treatments at MaxAesthetics:
  • Brazilian hair removal 
  • Underarm hair removal 
  • Bikini line hair removal
  • Upper lip & chin hair removal 
  • Male full back hair removal 
  • Lower legs hair removal 

Financing is available for all laser hair removal packages. Get 6 months, no payment, no interest. 
To apply, select a package from the drop-down menu below. 
Is the package you want not listed? 
Please contact us at 267-528-3859 or email us. 
Laser Hair Removal Packages
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