Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser Hair Removal Prices in Philadelphia

The best affordable laser prices in Philadelphia for face and body
All Laser prices below are for packages of 6 treatments
Laser hair removal picture
Full Legs $2200
Lower Legs $1500
Thighs $1500
Female Bikini Line $600
Female Moderate Brazilian $800
Female Extreme Brazilian $1200
Male Brazilian $1500
Male Bikini Line $800
Glutes $1500
Upper Back $1100
Lower Back $900
Full Back $2000
Stomach $1000
Navel Line $450
Upper Lip $400
Chin $400
Upper Lip & Chin Package $600
Uni-Brow $300
Cheeks/Jawline $500
Sideburns $420
Front Of Neck $500
Back Of Neck $500
Underarms $500
Full Arms $1350
Fore Arms $900
Shoulders $800
Chest $1400
Female Nipples/Areola $550
How much does laser hair removal cost? 
The price of laser hair removal may vary depending on the individual practice, their location and the technology being used. As it is with all modern technology, you are paying for the technology.
How many Treatments will I need?
Packages of 6 treatments are generally what is needed to see results, though additional treatments may be needed depending on your race, ethnicity and genetics.
MaxAesthetics Laser Price Guarantee
Purchase any laser hair removal package at full price and receive our laser hair removal price guarantee of 4 complimentary treatments within the following 12 months after the initial 6 treatments are completed. 
This guarantee is valid for 2 years from date of purchase. 

Most popular laser hair removal treatments at MaxAesthetics:
  • Brazilian hair removal 
  • Underarm hair removal 
  • Bikini line hair removal
  • Upper lip & chin hair removal 
  • Male full back hair removal 
  • Lower legs hair removal 

Financing is available for all laser hair removal packages. Get 6 months, no payment, no interest. 
To apply, select a package from the drop-down menu below. 
Is the package you want not listed? 
Please contact us at 267-528-3859 or email us. 
Laser Hair Removal Packages
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