Body and Facial Waxing

Body & Facial Waxing 

Brow Wax + shaping  $12

Lip or Chin (each) $10

Underarm Wax $25

Shoulders or Neck (each) $35

Chest or Stomach Wax $50

Full Leg Wax $60

Half Leg Wax (lower leg) $40

Full Back Wax $80

Half Back Wax $40
Female Bikini $35

Full Leg + Bikini Package $285
3 Visits Package

Moderate Brazilian $60
Hair is removed from the entire front excluding the labia and back side.

Extreme  Brazilian (women only) $75
All hair is removed from front to back. Totally bare.

Male Bikini $50

Frequently Asked Questions

What is waxing ? 
Waxing is the most common form of hair removal techniques in day spas today. In this treatment warm or cool wax is applied to the hairs and is pulled off in strips. 

How should I prepare for body and facial waxing ? 
Let the hair you want to have waxed grow out about a half inch above the skin. If hairs are left too short, the wax won't be able to adhere to them strongly enough to pull them out. Waxing should not be performed if you have extremely sensitive or fragile skin, or if you are taking Retin-A, or Accutane because the skin will be more susceptible to tears. For female clients, it is best to avoid getting waxed 3 days before and or after your menstrual cycle as the skin may be more sensitive due to hormones. 

What can I expect during waxing? 
Usually, a preconditioning lotion is first applied to the area to be waxed. Then warm wax is applied onto the skin and strips of special waxing cloth are pressed into it and is quickly removed. You may feel some discomfort when the wax is pulled off. The more you experience waxing the less the discomfort becomes. 
What is Brazilian waxing? 
Brazilian waxing got its start with the daring bathing suits worn by both sexes on Brazil's sunny beaches. The treatment involves waxing off all hairs from the genital area. Some clients request hair on the inner and outer buttocks be waxed off also (the extreme Brazilian). 

How should I prepare for a Brazilian wax? 
The same as you would for a bikini. Be aware that there is no modest way to receive a Brazilian. However your esthetician is a professional and will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. 

Post Wax Care: It is important to care for the waxed area properly to prevent ingrown hairs, breakouts or other reactions. Exfoliation will help keep the skin clean and less prone to blemishes. Home care products may be recommended by your esthetician. 

  Do not use tanning beds and avoid sun tanning 
directly after waxing and for about 48 hours
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