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By Maxine Dean 14 Sep, 2017
Fall is right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited. Embrace the season with this homemade facial mask made with fresh pumpkin puree. If you want naturally radiant and glowing skin while you sip your next pumpkin spiced latte, this mask is for you! 

- Pumpkins are loaded with anti-aging antioxidants including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Carotene, Linoleic Acid, Lutein making it the perfect base for a natural facial mask! Vitamin A and C help to refine skin texture and tone for a brighter, smoother face. Pumpkin has natural enzymes that help to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. And unlike other plants, pumpkin doesn't contain fragrance chemicals that could potentially irritate the skin.  
Honey - You already know we love honey around here!  Honey provides exceptional hydration and soothing nourishment to all skin types - even acne prone skin!

Greek Yogurt -  Yogurt contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, which exfoliates and hydrates the skin to brighten, smooth and calm the skin. Reju
By Maxine Dean 14 Sep, 2017

It is easy to feel overwhelmed these days. You have a lot on your plate. It seems that each day you put off some task or responsibility until tomorrow, until you have such a backlog of things to do that you feel like your brain is going to explode. It is difficult under these circumstances to relax.

 However, putting aside anxiety and stress is crucial for a lot of reasons. Simple daily stress and anxiety can build up, and lead to a medical diagnosis of overwhelm. When someone is clinically diagnosed as overwhelmed, they have reached the point where they cannot function normally, and they cannot get through the simplest of daily routines.

Add Stress Relief to Your Schedule

The key to relaxing in today's hectic, stress-filled, "Go, Go, Go!" world is to prioritize time for stress-relief. You must make time in your daily and weekly schedule planning for "down time" and de-stressing. This could mean adding to 10 minute sessions of meditation to your daily routine, or trying a few of the tips listed below. Whatever calms your mind and takes you to your "happy place", make sure you schedule enough of that activity. 

Declutter Your Life

Clutter kills productivity, and unconsciously causes your brain to stress out. Your brain automatically tries to deal with every bit of sensory input you receive. This means that the things you see, touch, hear, smell and taste all have to be dealt with by your brain. When you have too much input coming in, especially when it is unnecessary, this clutter creates anxiety and stress.

 Avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed is always preferred to having to deal with it once it develops. This means delegating and outsourcing those tasks you do on a regular basis which you really shouldn't be worrying with. If you are a micro-manager, you feel like you have to do everything. Stop believing that. The reason why a lot of people feel stressed and overwhelmed is they attempt to do too much. Delegate the menial tasks in your life, and you can keep overwhelm at bay.

Another way to relax when you are feeling overwhelmed is to use visual cues. This could mean placing post-it notes in your home and office reminding you to calm down and enjoy a deep breathing session. It could be as simple as placing happy pictures of the ones you love where you can see them as you move throughout the day. These positive visual cues that make you feel good are simple stress-relievers that can keep you from giving in to feelings of overwhelm.

By Maxine Dean 14 Sep, 2017

Stress causes the brain to kick into high gear, tripping signals telling the nervous system it’s time to engage the fight or flight mode. This triggers the release of chemicals and hormones like cortisol that are released into the bloodstream and these can directly affect how your skin heals and functions.

Stress can wreak havoc on your skin in a variety of ways, including dehydration, accelerated aging, dullness, dryness, irritation, and of course the dreaded adult acne. When you are stressed out, so is your skin and it can’t act correctly if it’s out of balance. Much like you yourself struggle to cope with stress, your skin becomes irritable, depleted, and exhausted.

Unfortunately, at some point stress will happen to you, because it happens to everyone. It’s pretty impossible to avoid paying bills, going to work or avoid the typical anxieties of life.

Moving house, divorce, changing jobs, having children, these are all on the list for the most stressful life events, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that stress is unavoidable. The most effective way to handle stress is by learning how to manage it because it’s impossible to avoid.

Just think about the times you have experienced stress in the past. What types of issues did you notice? You probably thought you had aged, the new gray hairs had appeared from nowhere, that your skin was a funny color, and that you just didn’t look like your old self. Well, you were right. Stress can show in your nails and your hair, and even bigger… On your skin.

Of course, managing stress includes sleeping properly, eating well, and regularly exercising, but before you can tackle the bigger problems you need to know exactly how stress can show on your skin, so, this is how.

By Maxine Dean 13 Sep, 2017

Aging gracefully means being as healthy as you can be for as long as possible. Your dietary and lifestyle choices play a big role in that. Even though you make the effort to exercise and eat right, you should always be looking for ways to fight aging through eating anti-inflammatory foods. All of the anti-aging philosophies, promises, and products can be daunting. You may wonder whether or not eating anti-inflammatory foods is helpful to you. It turns out that the body’s aging process can be accelerated by inflammation in the body. You need to talk to your doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist to find out more about this. 

By Maxine Dean 12 Sep, 2017

Summer is the time of year when people are out soaking up sun and engaging in fun outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, taking trips to the beach and exploring other parts of nature. While the warm air, sunny skies, free time may be just what the doctor ordered, summer is also a time when people are most susceptible to bug bites.

While virtually harmless, bug bites can be troublesome and painful, too. They can show up just about anywhere on the body and can leave you feeling itchy and sore for days or even weeks, not to mention the unsightly scars they can leave behind.

There are plenty of ointments, creams, and sprays available to prevent  summer bug bites, but they're not foolproof and sometimes we don't think about bug spray until it's too late! For those who don’t want to suffer from their bug bites, try out some of these top remedies to soothe the skin and the treatments available to get rid of dark spots that bug bites leave behind!

By Maxine Dean 12 Sep, 2017
This refreshing smoothie is an excellent choice for dry, dull skin that needs some extra TLC. These ingredients were selected to nourish, condition and hydrate the skin for a radiant complexion.  Tastes great too!
By Maxine Dean 25 Aug, 2017

Acne, a common skin disorder that people spend millions of dollars trying to heal, generally affects 80% of our youth and 5% of our adult population.  Scarring is the unfortunate result of some cases of acne.  For those who suffer with acne scarring, the effects can be more traumatic than the initial acne.  Billions of dollars have been spent researching acne, acne scarring, and scar solutions.

Scars are indications that the body has repaired itself in one way or another, either due to injury or infection.  Once these events occur, white blood cells from the body accumulate at the site to fight further infection and repair the damage that has taken place.  Once that process is complete, scars often form.  This process can be compared to a seam being sewn into a piece of torn fabric.  The skin (or seam) will never be quite as smooth as it was before the damage.  

There are different types of acne scars and different degrees of each type.  Some people may develop worse scars than others, depending on their individual tendencies.   

By Maxine Dean 25 Aug, 2017
It's that time of year again! Back-to-School season is in full swing. If your child is struggling with acne, this time of year can be terrifying.  Acne is so much more than a cosmetic issue, it can affect your child’s self image as well as their overall social life, and in severe cases can lead to depression and withdrawal. 

Let your teenager know that you are available and that you are willing to help him or her with their acne.Acne has affected all of us at one time or another, so talking about your own experiences may help them relate and quite possibly, give them a broader perspective on the condition. Even if they don't want to talk about it, dealing with acne is one of their major concerns.

 Consequently, your teenager may be trying everything he or she can to control it. Talking with your teenager about acne can be difficult because they might be embarrassed by their appearance and would rather pretend it wasn’t an issue. The key is to be supportive and understanding. Provide information and advice about how to treat their acne. You can make skin care an activity you do together. Start a nighttime skin care routine you can do together, this will help keep your child accountable for keeping up with  proper skin health and it'll feel like less of a chore. For in-office acne treatments, making  to the spa together a 'day out,' or treat, rather than a doctor's visit. 

One of the most effective ways is to learn as much as possible about the various types of acne and how it can be treated. Simply doing this can go a long way in providing more effective guidance for your children when confronted with decisions related to their treatment. You will be able to help them in the selection of acne treatments such as laser , chemical peels , facials, microneedling and acne products formulated for their needs. 

For more information about acne, please read some of our previous blogs. Here you can find helpful infomation about the different types of acne, how they are treated and some tips to try at home to reduce the appearance of acne:

By Maxine Dean 24 Aug, 2017

There are many factors to take into consideration when we look at what type of skin a person may have. Aside from genetics things like what’s going on internally in our bodies and environmental factors are also part of the equation. Internally factors such as our state of health, hormones, and what we put in our bodies affect how we look.

This of course includes the health of our skin. Environmentally, we face things like pollution, second hand smoke and the sun which also affects our skin both health wise and visually.

There are 5 general categories that are used when we speak of skin types. 

By Maxine Dean 23 Aug, 2017
Cantaloupe  contains loads of antioxidants including Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. The Vitamin A in cantaloupes come from beta carotene, this antioxidant supports cellular regeneration and helps thin the outer layer of dead skin cells to keep your complexion smooth and clear. Vitamin C supports collagen production for firm, supple skin and protects against free radicals.  The water content in the melon helps keep cells moisturized and healthy.

Greek Yogurt has an array of B Vitamins that keep skin looking plump and glowing, and supports cellular regeneration. Greek Yogurt also contains a lot of Zinc, an inflammatory that helps reduce redness and irritation associated with acne or rashes, and regulate sebum production for well-balanced skin. The Lactic Acid found in yogurt exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.   

Ginger is true superfood containing more than 40 antioxidants that will help protect against aging free-radicals. It has significant  anti-inflammatory properties, and is widelyknown to relieve stomach problems and digestive upset. Studies have shown that ginger can fight bacterial and fungal infections, and helps manage pain associated with menstrual cramps, migraines and arthritis.   

Raw Honey is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and even probiotics that nourish and protect your whole body. Raw Honey has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help fight off infections, like acne.  Honey reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin, providing moisture thanks to its humectant qualities. Raw honey is loaded with antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin, promoting it to repair itself.
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5 Best Acne Tips To Clear Skin In 7 Days
 Don't let blemishes hold you back. Take control of your skin with these 5 tips and tricks for clearer skin! 
1. Choose the Perfect Cleanser! Acne prone skin needs a face wash that's powerful enough to clear away oil, dirt and dead skin, but gentle enough not to irritate the skin any further.
A daily face wash containing micronized benzoyl peroxide (a form of benzoyl peroxide that is 10 times more effective than the regular benzoyl due to its smaller molecule) can make a world of difference, with blemishes starting to clear in a little as 5 days. Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide kills acne causing bacteria on the surface of the skin and deep within pores, while reducing oil production, inflammation AND redness.

Tip: Massage the cleanser into the skin, focusing on pimples and leave on for 5 minutes before washing it off.
2. Use an effective acne treatment serum! Serums are typically a lightweight, super concentrated, treatment that penetrates deeply, to deliver potent ingredients into the skin. After cleansing, apply an acne fighting serum to your face, avoiding the eye and mouth area. A serum with micronized benzoyl peroxide, glycolic , salicylic or Lactic acid. 
3. Ice it! When you feel a new blemish coming on, use an ice cube to dramatically reduce inflammation and the severity of the acne. Icing a blemish will reduce swelling, shrinking the size of the spot and reducing redness. This will also help cut down the lifespan of the blemish! Icing is also particularly good for deep, painful cystic acne. 

Tip: After applying an acne serum, then wrap an ice cube in a very thin washcloth or paper towel and gently massage the ice over the blemish or affected area for ONE minute. Allow your skin to rest for 5 minutes and reapply the ice for another minute. You can repeat this process as often as needed. After icing, reapply the Acne Serum.
4. DIY with a Homemade Mask! For a quick and easy way to soothe and treat your acne, try this Strawberry and Honey facial mask. Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid and Vitamin C. Salicylic acid breaks down the gunk that traps dead skin and debris within pores, and gently exfoliates the skin. Vitamin C is an all star antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals, repairs sun damage and brightens up the skin, which is perfect for post-inflammatory inflammation and those pesky dark spots left from old blemishes! Honey is antibacterial and a humectant, which will draw moisture to the skin and keep it well hydrated. 
Tip: All you need is 2-3 medium sized, ripe strawberries and about a tablespoon of honey. Mash the strawberries into a pulp and add enough honey to create a smooth paste. Massage into clean skin and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse, pat dry and enjoy your smooth, nourished skin!
5. Have a snack!  Snack on some cantaloupe, affectionately called a "beauty fruit!" Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin C and beta carotene, which our body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin by thinning the outermost layer of dead skin cells that often get clogged and causes breakouts. It also improves skin elasticity, which means less wrinkles and signs of premature aging. Also, keeping up with your recommended daily amount of water is a must! Proper hydration helps your cells flush out built-up waste and helps your skin self-moisturize, Drinking plenty of water won't 'cure' your acne, but it'll put your body at a better advantage for clear, healthy skin.
Best Skin Care Tips For Acne In Philadelphia Pa

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