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ingrown hair or folliculitis
What Are Ingrown Hairs?
Ingrown hairs occur when the sharp tip of a hair that curls, or grows back into the skin causing the hair to get trapped and inflamed. Ingrown hairs appear as small round bumps, or pus-filled pustules. Ingrown hairs can be itchy, or tender to the touch. Ingrown hairs can leave dark spot and hyperpigmentation, especially if the bumps are picked at. 

Ingrown hairs can appear anywhere, but are typically found on areas of the body that are frequently shaved or waxed: Face, neck, legs, bikini area etc. 
What Causes Ingrown Hairs?
Ingrown hairs are typically caused by shaving too close and leaving a sharp tip to the hairs, or waxing and plucking which can cause the hair to break off unevenly.  People with coarse, curled hair, such as African Americans, are more likely to get ingrown hairs - especially in the beard area.
What Is Folliculitis? 
Folliculitis is inflammation of the hair follicle. Folliculitis can look like small, dark or red pimples, or dozens of pinpoint spots. These bumps may be filled with pus, and feel sore or itchy.  Folliculitis can leave darks spots and hyperigmentation, as well as scarring. 

Folliculitis is commonly found on areas of the body that are frequently shaved such as the face, neck, chest and legs.  
What Causes Folliculitis?
When hair follicles Damaged hair follicles are more susceptible to developing folliculitis, and can be caused by a number of things:
Bacteria, yeast or fungus
• Shaving and waxing
• Wearing tight, clothes or garments that rub the skin
• Sweat, makeup or oil that blocks or irritates hair follicle
• Steroid use
How to Treat Ingrown Hairs & Folliculitis 

Acne is type of folliculitis, so similar treatments and products are used to alleviate and prevent ingrown hairs and folliculitis. Avoid shaving and waxing the area until the ingrown hairs have healed. Repeated shaving over active ingrown hairs will only aggravate the area even more, increasing the likelihood of hyper pigmentation and the chance of infection. 

Wash and exfoliate the skin with a gentle cleanser with salicylic acid, like the Brightening Cleanser. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid and chemical exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores. It softens the skin by increasing the moisture content, and breaks down the 'glue' that causes cells to stick together, allowing skin cells to slough off much easier. Salicylic acid is also an anti-inflammatory, much like it's derivative aspirin, which calms redness and irritation caused by ingrown hairs. 
Treat the affected area. Use products with alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and benzoyl peroxide. AHA's like glycolic acid and lactic acid are great chemical exfoliators that aid in hydration and correct hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and signs of aging. Glycolic acid and lactic acid penetrates pores and dissolves sebum and debris to shed dead skin cells and renew skin surface. Benzoyl Peroxide is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection, and reduces blemishes. Avoid popular ingrown hair products that contain alcohol, like Tend Skin. Alcohol dries and weakens the skin, preventing normal skin renewal process. 

For those who suffer from ingrown hairs and folliculitis regularly, Laser Hair Removal is another option. The only way to permanently clear and prevent ingrown hairs is with laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal treatments targets and kills hair follicles, thus removing all unwanted hair and the source of ingrown hairs.

Chemical Peels are also beneficial to clearing and preventing ingrown hairs. Chemical peels can be used if laser hair removal isn't an option, or in conjunction with laser hair removal to clear ingrown hairs faster and reduce hyperpigmentation caused by ingrown hairs. 
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The products shown below will aid in the elimination of ingrown hairs. The Brightening Cleanser is a salicylic and enzyme cleanser that is also used for shaving, followed by the Acne Clear Pads which is used to tone the skin, and the Acne Clear Serum is to be used two to three times a week to clear up ingrown bumps. 

Brightening Cleanser

Skin Brightening Cleanser used for ingrown hair shaving

Acne Clear Serum

Glycolic Acid Acne Serum for ingrown hair treatment

Acne Clear Pads

Salicylic Acid Ingrown hair treatment
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