Anti-Aging Eye Care 

Best Spa Treatments to De-Puff, Brighten, and Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul, or at least that’s what people say. For most people eyes are the window to how tired, old, or just plain exhausted you are. Dry skin, puffy under eyes, and dark circles under the eyes can cause you to look a lot older than you truly are. 

Spa Treatments

Looking in the mirror and seeing those pesky lines around the corners of your eyes can be frustrating. Crow’s feet are enough to get anybody down. Depending on your lifestyle and if you protected your skin, you might develop crow’s feet early on in life.

If looking at your crow’s feet, or tired looking eyes makes you cringe, you may have even considered surgery. Luckily, there are nonsurgical options for reviving the appearance of your eyes. Here are some of the best ways that you can treat sagging skin, puffy eyes, eye bags and wrinkles without going under the knife.
Microneedling  $75 
Microneedling is a newer treatment that allows you to encourage your skin to heal itself. It does this by intentionally causing small injuries to the crows feet with a lot of small needles. 

This causes your natural healing system to kick in and send a rush of healing to the area. 
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening $150 
Renew, tighten and smooth the eye area with RF Skin Tightening. Utilizing radio frequency energy, deep layers of skin are slowly heated to constrict collagen fibers, and stimulate the production of new collagen thus producing a tightening and lifting effect of the skin.

Although a single treatment produces very good results for many patients, it is quite common for patients to need 2 to 6 treatments over a course of several months for maximum results. 
Microcurrent Toning & Eye De-Puffing  $25 
Microcurrent facial tones sagging skin, smoothes out moderate fine lines and wrinkles with Microcurrent stimulation.  

Special conducting wands are used to emit micro-currents into the skin to increase lymphatic drainage, detoxification, ATP production which drives collagen production and softens wrinkles. Microcurrent effectively and gently tightens, hydrates and improves the skin's texture. 

Puffy Eyes

What Causes Puffy Eyes and Under Eye Bags? 
Under eye bags and puffiness are the result of fluid retention. Lymphatic Fluid Edema or fluid retention, hormone imbalance. 

  • Eating Salty Foods Ever heard of 'sushi face?' It's why some celebs like Julianne Moore won't eat sushi the day before a red carpet event! Consuming too much sodium, and too little water, causes your body to hold onto all the moisture it can to prevent dehydration. That excess water weight can make you feel bloated and puffy all over, including your undereyes. 
  • Age  Thanks to gravity, the cushion fat deposits along the orbital bone starts to sag as we get older. The skin around the eyes also changes, the tissue becomes thinner and less elastic. 
  • Hormonal Fluctuations Menstruation, Pregnancy, Hormonal Imbalances, 
  • Changes in the Weather Heat and humid conditions can throw off the moisture content of your eyes, leaving them drier and more sensitive. As a result, the mucus membrane of your eyes becomes irritated and causes swelling of the eye area. 
  • Sleeping on Your Side or Stomach  Gravity is work while you sleep! Lymphatic fluid can pool around the eyes if you sleep on your side or stomach. 
  • Not Getting Enough Sleep
  • Allergies, Illnesses, or Dermatitis - Exposure to pollutants, irritants and allergens. 
  • Heredity - Unfortunately Dark Circles, Eye Bags and Puffiness can be genetic. 

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