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Spa Treatments in Philadelphia



After a permanent makeup procedure has been performed there is no refund given should you (the client) decide to forgo a follow up (touch up) visit. Touchups or follow ups are a complimentary service to all permanent makeup clients in order to allow for a fine tuning and or color re-enhancement of the procedure. It also allows for your permanent makeup technician to address slight adjustments that may be needed after the first 4-6 weeks of healing following your procedure.

Prices include consultation, procedure and one touch up or one follow up visit.

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Children under 10 are not allowed in the spa during a permanent makeup procedure since a procedure may

take up to 2 hours and we do not offer baby sitting services.

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Permanent Makeup in Philadelphia

Beauty Mark 

Eyelash Enhancement 

Areola (color) Restoration per breast

This is recommended for post mastectomy as a means to produce a 3D areola appearance

Hair Strokes For Bald Spots
Priced at Consultation

Lower Eyeliner 


 Permanent Lipliner with Shading 

Full Lip Color 


Scar Camouflage 
Priced at Consultation

Permanent makeup Eyebrows 

Full Brow Design w/Hair Strokes 

Upper Eyeliner